Services for municipalities

The Canadian Transportation Agency keeps the nationa[ transportation system running efficiently and smoothly in the interests of all Canadians — including communities where it operates. In fulfilling this mandate, the Agency can help municipalities in many ways:

Rail noise and vibration

Problems frequently occur in municipalities where rail meets residents. The Agency can help resolve issues with noise and vibration caused by railway construction or operations. We can address complaints against federal freight railway companies, transit authorities or VIA Rail.

Railway crossings

The Agency can help parties resolve disputes related to railway crossings. This can include deciding how to apportion construction or maintenance costs or determining if a landowner has a right to a private crossing.

Railway Line construction

In most cases, federal railway companies need the Agency’s approval to construct a railway line. In considering their proposal, the Agency considers the possible effects on municipalities and requires railway companies to consult with municipalities to find concrete solutions to any issues.

Relocating railway Lines in urban areas

Municipalities may want to move railway tines away from urban areas to promote development. If an agreement for such a move can’t be reached with the railway company, municipalities can apply to the Agency for help.

Transfer and discontinuance of railway lines

Federal railway companies have to follow a process to transfer or stop operating a railway line. First, the company has to advertise that the line is available for sale, lease or transfer. If this doesn’t result in an agreement, the railway company has to offer the line to governments and transit authorities for no more than its net salvage value.The Agency can determine the net salvage value if the parties can’t agree.

Reimbursement for rail-related fires

Municipalities can apply to the Agency to recover the costs of responding to a fire caused by a railway company’s operations.

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