Regional Meeting with Town of Churchbridge, SK

Safety and livability are always a top priority for municipalities and the railway industry across Canada. Jenelle Saskiw, Program Manager for the Proximity Initiative recently had the pleasure of presenting an overview of the Proximity Guidelines with municipal leaders of the Churchbridge, Saskatchewan region. The Proximity Guidelines are an important, proactive tool to consider when establishing developments within our communities to ensure safety and livability measures are taken. Engaging in these discussions and working to form solid partnerships will keep our communities safe and will not impede the critical movement of goods across the country.  So many great conversations were shared! Common themes include increases in rural developments and acreages, best practices and safety, and noise and vibration concerns. As Saskatchewan’s population continues to grow, strong partnerships with our communities and the Canadian rail industry will continue to be critical.

We are not only committed to continuing to engage with communities like Churchbridge, Saskatchewan but we are also committed to gathering pertinent information and incorporating that into future updates to the Proximity Guidelines. It is our goal to create world-class standard guidelines, from coast to coast to coast, that will promote proper planning and communication practices for all. The Proximity Initiative will continue to share updates as we meet with partners from across Canada.