Municipalities are key partners in push to #STOPTrackTragedies

For two decades, Rail Safety Week has been an annual event and an occasion to encourage Canadians to reflect on rail safety as a shared responsibility. This year, Rail Safety Week runs from September 18-24.

Awareness can save lives. And municipalities across the country are stepping up in a big way.

An ever-growing number of towns and cities are investing in safety by installing specialized, eye-catching decals near at-grade rail crossings. A list of municipalities that will be installing decals during Rail Safety Week 2023 follows below.

Others are going even further and infusing the Railway Association of Canada (RAC)’s Guidelines for New Development in Proximity to Railway Operations (Guidelines) into their official planning and zoning documents. This helps ensure that developments near railway infrastructure are completed in a safe manner.

Living near railway operations can present unique challenges, and it’s important to understand the potential risks and how to mitigate them. In implementing the Guidelines, which were developed in concert with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, communities across Canada have found value in a framework for building better today to avoid proximity issues in the future.

Resident safety and livability are improved. Preventative measures help avoid issues – now and over the long-term.

We encourage municipalities to refer to the Guidelines when planning and approving developments, and when updating zoning bylaws, to proactively prevent accidents while balancing economic growth and concerns such as noise, vibration, and safety at crossings.

Engaging with impacted railways during the planning stages is also critical for successful outcomes. Canada’s railways recognize that housing is at a premium in communities across Canada and solutions include increased housing stock – especially around transit stations and hubs. A balanced, sustainable and collaborative approach will produce real action and better outcomes. The RAC can help in facilitating dialogue with railways. We want to see our communities continue to grow, and we are committed to working closely with municipalities to ensure that we are doing so safely.

The RAC is available to provide suggestions, share information and communicate awareness. If your municipality would like to learn more or book a consultation, please reach out to Jenelle Saskiw, Project Manager at

We are your partners in safety – during Rail Safety Week and all year long.

SHOUTOUT TO MUNICIPALITIES THAT ARE ACTIVELY TAKING STEPS THIS WEEK TO IMPROVE RAIL SAFETY media/About/Initiatives/Look%20Listen%20Live/2023-09-20-list-of-municipalities-EN.pdf


  • Prince George, B.C.
  • Calgary, AB
  • Saskatoon, SK
  • Winnipeg, MB
  • Ottawa, ON
  • Montreal, QC

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